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Hifive is back!

Trix is the place to find all of your new-music searches! The Antwerp music centre has always been devoted to maintaining an open house in which breakthrough acts are celebrated and everyone has a place to dance, explore, and connect. The concert series HiFive invites some of the coolest international acts to perform at the Trix Café. We selected a few of our favourite artists performing at the upcoming concert series. See you there!

Text written by Dlisah Lapidus 
Cover photo: Future Husband 

Acid Tongue — 21 Sept 


With a resumption of nostalgic riffs straight out of a forgotten jukebox and sharp lyrics, Seattle-based Acid Tongue is the child of American AM radio soul, folk and psychedelic rock. Their debut EP, I Died Dreaming, caught the attention of both iconic radio station KEXP and a hyper-alert British audience upon its release in 2015. After support for King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, De La Soul, The King Khan & BBQ Show, and The Sonics, the heat was on. Acid Tongue's latest album Arboretum collects a clenched opinion on millennial culture, bruised relationships and broken dreams, told over the sounds of energetic, hard-rocking soul songs.


Royel Otis — 25 Oct

Royel Otis, the indie-pop band from Sydney, Australia is the emerging star of their home country. When their debut EP Campus, released in 2021, received tremendous feedback they jumped back in to release the outstanding single 'Oysters In My Pocket' in 2022. These guitar-driven grooves strike the right chord for all Tame Impala, Portugal, the Man and Beach Fossils indieheads. As Australia's rising stars, the 20-something duo consisting of Otis and Royel appeal to the softer side of their generation, responding to a desire to heal through music and movement. To put it simply, these songs feel homey, while still maintaining an upbeat flare. You’ll be sure to dance to these dreamy nostalgic jams.



Hala — 29 Oct

Detroit-based indie musician Ian Ruhala is Hala. With a musical history dating back to the age of 8, Hala has been creating and recording music for almost his entire life. Over the years he continued crafting songs, mostly with bands, until 2014 when his band at the time separated. This time in his life brought tremendous inspiration, and he took after solo artists like Mac Demarco and Ty Segall, recording his music at home. Hala’s music is charmingly breezy, with a deep precision to lyrics and musicality woven in. His music does not conform to just one genre, and he as an artist does not conform to just one thing, having written and played every instrument (guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, xylophone, vibraphone, vocals) on his records. His poignant yet poppy music is sure to pique your interest and leave a lasting impression.



Future Husband — 02 Nov

Future Husband is the debut solo project of Dutch-Nigerian musician Adura Sulaiman. After many years of touring with various bands. Sulaiman’s creative vision came to life in her first single, 'Ritual', which she first recorded (acoustically) in her bedroom. Taking a card from classical lyricists, soul and R&B music, 'Ritual' built a spiritually melodic architecture balanced by a dream-pop beat. This soft drone and synth sounds connect with the other ballads released in the 2022 EP I Love You Forever, formulating a contemporary lounge-pop artistry. Future Husband’s soothingly warm voice serves as a vessel for the emotional journeys of her storytelling. Join in on this mesmerizing experience at her performance at HiFive!


Petrol Girls — 08 Nov
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Reminiscent of avant-garde punk bands like The Slits and Fugazi, Petrol Girls is an English feminist hardcore band. Their namesake is the Pétroleuses, the historical female members of the Paris commune accused of burning down much of the city during the last days of the commune. Petrol Girls is a systematically feminist band founded by Ren Aldridge (vocals) in 2012 after playing a show in celebration of International Womens Day with original bassist Liepa Kuraitė. They invited  Joe York (guitar) and Zock Astpai (drums) to join the band, and later bassist Robin Gatt became the most recent addition to Petrol Girls. In 2018, the band announced their signing to Hassle Records and released the EP The Future Is Dark shortly after. They channel political rage and challenge nationalism and the gender binary through freeing music. The band is touring this fall and stopping by Antwerp to perform at the Trix Bar for HiFive! Don’t miss it!

Hi-Five concert series at Trix 
08 September to 08 November 
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