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Heterogeneous and hyperactive, always in constant evolution

The May/June issue gives way to a new 20-something list, featuring visual artists, photographers, art collectives, dancers, musicians and much more. Twenty people who are a representation of the young society in Belgium, a generation ready to rule our world. Let us introduce you to the faces you didn’t realise you wanted to meet!

Vica Pacheco
audio-visual artist, Brussels, 27

How would you describe what you do?

Heterogeneous and hyperactive, always in constant evolution. Aesthetically, I seek to confront the organic or archaic with the technological. As a result, there is a touch of entelechy and SF, either in my sound or plastic work.

What are you currently busy with?

In my personal projects, I’m actively working on music. I’m preparing something for the label Edições CN, which I am super excited about because I greatly admire both the work of Lieven Martens, who’s behind the label and the amazing artists it gathers. I have a couple of collaborative projects underway, where my role is to sing or use my voice. Together with Apulati Bien, I have a duo of ‘neo-bolero’ called Xolot and the lyrics are in Spanish, we will release our first album in June on the label Promesses. Finally, I continue creating artwork for music and 3D animations.


Anything planned for the future?

This year I’m launching myself in a project of hydraulic sound sculptures made on ceramics, inspired by Mesoamerican pre-Hispanic aerophones. It’s something that I’ve been preparing for a couple of years, but I will finally be able to start it in a kind of crossed residence between the Beursschouwburg and the EKWC in the Netherlands, where I will spend three months creating the pieces. I hope I will be able to show the work at the end of the year in different formats like concerts, installations and dance performances.  

Nickname(s) people have given you?

‘Vica’ is a nickname for Victoria. My dad calls me Rana, which means frog in Spanish. My little brother calls me Pollis… But some friends here call me Vicachu, and a new one is Vicasan!

I’m launching myself in a project of hydraulic sound sculptures made on ceramics, inspired by Mesoamerican pre-Hispanic aerophones

Any new habits?

Since I’ve been in Belgium I discovered the public pool! So that has become a new habit.


Weirdest dream you’ve had?

One dream I wrote in a notebook is: me looking out of a window, and I could see in the sky the sun and the moon, next to each other, moving really fast. I remember trying to reach for my phone to take a picture, I don’t know if I ever managed to capture it… Another one I remember: I had a unibrow and I was watching myself in a little mirror, I was integrated.

What artists are you listening to?

Wow, that's a never-ending answer. I’ve been making a few playlists this year, of the different people I admire... But recently I got Efrain Rozas’ release enjoy the world from the label Futura Resistenza, and I really loved it. I discovered his work via my friend Reverendo23. He’s got a dank show with Siet Raeymaekers on LYL Radio called Artificial Dreams. Really recommend it. 


Favourite memory?

When I was little in Oaxaca, at the beginning of each rain season we went with my family to pick Azucenas flowers in the countryside of my town. Those flowers smell soooo good and they blossom at sunset, and they are white, so when I was little I had the impression they could glow in the dark.

What advice would you give your younger/older self?

Ana Victoria, don’t give up on your solfege and guitar classes. 


Favourite emoji?



Cutest desire you have?

Eating plants in my mom’s garden.


Are you a nostalgic person?  

Totally, I live far from my family and my culture, so nostalgia is a feeling that keeps me closer to all these things that I miss in a way.

Photos shot by Baptiste Gratzmuller a.o.