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He(art) IV - December 2020 / January 2021

It’s. Been. A. Year. That’s something we can all agree on, though at this point it’s probably better to not indulge in overly dramatic qualifiers. We’re still feeling it, we’re still in it. Today’s day is made up of stagnant metaphors, of infinite scrolling screen time, of monotonous window views, of the unchanging landscape in one’s own living room. Look closer, though, and entire words reveal themselves: the flourishing of interior fauna and flora, for better or worse; the poetry of empty streets in a milky fog; the unheard of silence and unprecedented stillness of it all. And within that infinite scroll, there is bottomless creativity, endless possibilities for inspiration, a unique opportunity to gaze at the world through someone else’s eyes. Let us map out the trajectories that propel things forward - we’ll be good company for that.

Front cover: Kardelen De Groof - ‘Femme de Mars’
Back cover: Jonathan De Maeyer - ‘Short trips’



Design: Chloé D’hauwe
Editor in chief / Content Manager: Herlinde Raeman
Printer: Zwartopwit



Fotoshop Gent, Artists United, Paypro Services, Easypost, Zwartopwit, deSingel, Democrazy, Het Bos, Lumiere, Easypost, KVS, Bozar, Beursschouwburg, KANAL, Kunstencentrum Nona, Bozar, Botanique, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Stad Eindhoven, S.M.A.K., de Warande, Be-Part & Mode & Kant Museum



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