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Going B.A.C.K. to S.M.A.K.

We're back with another episode of the Subbacultcha at S.M.A.K. series and we’re proud to feature what's probably one of the best rosters we’ve had so far. So buckle up, sharpen that hearing and sight, and get ready to gasp for air, ‘cause there won’t be time for chilling. See you on the 24th of October at S.M.A.K.! 

Croatian Amor

Croatian Amor’s Isa is a serious contender for best album of the year. The specs: vocal contributions by Yves Tumor, Puce Mary and Soho Rezanejad, a fascinating mix between ambient, industrial textures and pop touches, some unpredictable, wild song structures and rhythm patterns, and a masterfully balanced play between darkness and light that wanders through the whole album. Instant classic!


Multidisciplinary artist BEA1991 just keeps on getting better. This Summer she released her highly-anticipated first full length Brand New Adult. An intriguing record full of arty R&B and trip hop, co-produced with Benny Sings and Sneaker Pimp’s Liam Howe. The single 'My Own Heaven' comes with a must-watch 'art-documentary film', featuring BEA1991 on the world’s largest cruise ship. Oh and yep, it’s her singing on Blood Orange’s E.V.P..


Parisian DJ, producer, writer and mixed media artist Crystallmess will present her In Memory Of Logobi performance, a multidisciplinary project tackling the process of the loss of facts, post-colonial alienation and club culture.

Subbacultcha at S.M.A.K.
Croatian Amor + BEA1991 + Crystallmess
24 October - S.M.A.K., Ghent
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