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Future of cyborgs - March/April 2021

Is there a future to think about? Is it the future we had in mind? Without bringing down our positive vibes about Summer (!), this unreal present is the place we’re starting from. Even as a question mark hangs over young people’s future, at least you know you’re not alone, feeling like a cyborg, masked and hidden away. And yet, don’t you also sense this great spirit of unity and non-conformity in a time that has almost forgotten recognition? Our wild guess: the future is for aliens, cyborgs and other misfits. 👽

We would like to thank all contributors to this newborn magazine: our freshly hired editors Milena & Laura; our chief agenda Julien; our eagle-eyed correction machines Iz, Meg & Gabriela, our layout princess Chloé; Simon and Louise for their strong words; Rebekka, Kayla & Thor for letting us look through their eyes; and the countless member-contributors we so deeply appreciate.

From now on we’ll be showing more content of our community in this magazine and other channels. Please join us and use our platform to reach out to other cyborgs. Check the Sub_missions call on the website.

Your editor-in-chief,


Front cover: photo by @nass.ras, taken from the first collection of @illicit.___ Jewellery by @lauracallewa
Design: Chloé D’hauwe
Editor in chief / Content Manager: Herlinde Raeman
Editors: Milena Maenhaut, Laura-Andréa Callewaert & Julien Van de Casteele
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Printer: Zwartopwit


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