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Emma DJ: a multi-textured experience

Joining us in Brussels for our 10th-anniversary celebration will be Finnish native, Emma DJ. The Paris-based producer has established a unique signature sound that travels through different limits of experimental and electronic music. Emma DJ appears on different labels such as Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S, BFDM and High Digital. His style is known for being layered with different textures and flavours, combining an ambience of intricate, coarse melodies but also a club-ready rhythm.

Text written by Lobna Morsi

His 2020 album, Legalize Everything holds tracks with varying intensities yet authentically laced together. In 2021, Emma DJ took a distinct turn with his style by releasing Godrime. The album explores trap music, combining rap production with his unique experimental style. In his most recent LP Melon Siesto (2022) gives us a dive into his world of sound blasts of what is described as 'tortured voices rising from the rubble'. The producer was also part of the lineup at Slagwerk’s first ever party in Brussels, in alliance with Recyclart, earlier in this year. Another appearance in Brussels with Slagwerk was his feature with Otis at Kiosk Radio. Some of his favourite tunes to mix at a club include sounds from Arca, Emily Glass, Hajj, Zuli, M.E.S.H, De Grandi, and more. We look forward to the Finnish artist’s next visit to Brussels at C12 for an exciting B2B with Slagwerk, founder Otis.

10 Years of Subba is organized with the support of The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.

10 YEARS OF SUBBA with Otis b2b Emma DJ
07 October 2022 - C12, Brussels
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