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Echoes from past and present tickle imagination

We’re living in a time where it is difficult and becoming increasingly harder to draw a clear boundary between fantasy and reality, between fiction and fact. Echoes from past and present tickle our imagination and change our perception, but deform facts as well. Nurture your perception with this stunning festival located at an artistic laboratory near VUB, running all month. We’ve selected five artists that you wouldn’t want to miss, but keep in mind that this is far from all that’s on the menu.

Text by Victor Seys

EXPO: This Too Shall Pass
04 — 31 March 2021

During this hybrid festival, Pilar puts a spotlight on the wonder that arises from the resounds of the fantasy vs. reality reflections. At the very same time, they’re also elaborating what these echoes can cause in our view of the world.  The expo covers the many facets of Echo, both off- and online. Including the exhibition This Too Shall Pass, a keynote by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, with work from Sam Debaecke, Maika Garnica, Margo Veeckman, Lukas De Clerck and Bas van den Hout.

360° VR-Concert: Cocaine Piss
15 March - 20:00

Cocaine Piss is a Belgian punk band that finds its roots in Liège. Pure, concentrated fury unfurls when they’re on stage, and when it ends you don’t know what hit you. A punk band in the old tradition of simplicity and aggressiveness of the genre, but with a great little twist: a bit of tenderness. The band’s method has always been showing up and whipping up a chaotic mess with their high octane blend of punk and noise that’s all over within 20/25 minutes, so beware!


360° VR-Concert: Bombataz
23 March - 20:00

Bombataz consists of four musical all-arounders picking flavours from every possible genre, in order to obtain a unique yet very danceable cocktail. Their first EP ¡Kapao!, released in 2019 on Fake Records, presented the audience the first taste of their unique sound. As one of the most promising artists at the latest Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, the Brussels-based quartet Bombataz is dedicated to making indie-pop weird again. 


360° VR-Concert: Miss Angel
26 March - 20:00

For the Antwerp-born Angela aka Miss Angel, things have been going incredibly fast. No less than two years ago, she was doing slam poetry shows across town, but little did we know she was working hard on her rap career behind closed curtains. After the drop of her three first singles (‘Ghetto Superstar’, 'Money Making Mami' and ‘All Of The Shmoke’), she was invited by Zwangere Guy to perform as his support act in front of a sold-out Ancienne Belgique. This money-making Mami is super ambitious and is certainly going places in the Belgian hip-hop scene.


360° VR-Concert: ANA DIAZ
30 March - 20:00

The Young Ana Diaz, raised in Brussels with Spanish roots, is a good friend of the notorious Le77 and Blu Samu. Her productions are an escape valve in which she fully blends her soul and sensual voice. Her performances are a variegated mix of sounds related to jazz, flamenco, hip hop and raggamuffin. Hold your horses, fireworks guaranteed! 

PILAR ASAP - The Echo Edition
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