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Draaimolen’s first weekend festival is coming up!

This year, Draaimolen Festival is taking place over two days, and the lineup is superb. Since 2012, Draaimolen has explored the relationship between music and the visual arts, providing a space for exploration, supporting emerging talents and enjoying fresh experimental music for all! On September 9th and 10th, festival-goers are taking back to the woods in Tillburg for a weekend of music and dancing to some amazing acts. We selected a few sets you can’t skip at Draaimolen!

Text written by Dlisah Lapidus

DJ Badsista and Crystallmess

DJ Badsista and Crystallmess are two vibrant musicians turning global influences and their own raw perspectives on identity into unique sounds. Genre-bending DJ Badsista fuses international styles of techno, pop, hip-hop, and house music with the funk of her home country, Brazil. Along with Brazilian singer Linn da Quebrada, Badsista started the project Bandita, a feminist collective bringing women, LGBTQ+ folks, and people of colour into the spotlight in the industry. Badsista is going b2b with the french DJ, writer, and artist Crystallmess. Crystallmess is known for her multidisciplinary performance, Collective Amnesia released in 2018, weaving together film, DJing, and traditional vocals celebrating the Afro-Fench dance of logobi. Crystallmess creates her polyrhythmic, afrofuturistic sound by approaching the world of techno and club music from an uncompromised, global perspective. You don’t want to miss these two meeting up in Tillburg!


DJ Saliva and Salome

Residents of Herrensauna, DJ Saliva and Salome are playing b2b in the pit of Draaimolen. Tbilisi born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Salome brings together a fresh taste of electro, acid, and techno, creating an environment of hard-dancing trance. With Georgia, a known growing techno hotspot, Salome attributes some of her inspiration to the historical love and connection to music and dance that she grew up with. Salome has made a name for herself in the booming Eastern European music scene and beyond with her releases on Lobster Theremin and Standard Deviation. DJ Saliva is an interdisciplinary musician and visual artist, currently working on visuals during his residency at Herrensauna. He is also a founding member of the queer party Arena Spa Superiora based in Porto. His sets blend old and new school sounds, pulling from electro to tribal materials.

Sega Bodega

Known as one of the UK’s most innovative creative minds, Sega Bodega is known for building cinematic soundscapes. The Irish-Scottish DJ and producer also founded the collective label NUXXE, along with Shygirl and Coucou Chloe. From his start in producing tracks for artists like Shygirl, he went on to release a number of EPs before his debut album, Salvatore, in 2020. His various soundtracks have made tremendous impacts on music, fashion, and film and his solo work continue to introduce an innovative futuristic ambiance infused with club sounds, drum beats, and melodic strings.


Bored Lord b2b Octo Octa

Bored Lord is the pseudonym for Memphis-born artist Daria Lourd. With roots in electronic music, Lourd’s sound developed through the legendary rave scene in Oakland, California. The DJ and producer’s club music is a drum-driven take on techno infused with pop samples. Bored Lord is going b2b with one of the underground house scene’s most notable producers, Octo Octa, otherwise known as Maya Bouldry-Morrison. Since the Brooklyn-based artist’s early experience making IDM and experimental electronic music and her debut EP released in 2011 on the label 100% Silk, the musician has released 7 legendary albums. Octo Octa has co-produced tracks and DJed with her partner Eris Drew on numerous occasions. The two also founded the label T4T LUV NRG.



Oceanic, also known as Job Oberman, is a techno DJ known for his exciting releases, collaborations and enchanting live sets. The Dutch artist’s work takes cues from classic techno born out of Detroit and the UK and post-modern Berlin breakbeat techno. He is also known to play his DIY string instrument turned modular synth. Oceanic has connected with free jazz legend Greetje Bijma to release the LP Swallow A Party in 2020. Oceanic performed a 10-hour set last year at Draaimolen’s 8-year anniversary, and his relentlessly captivating rhythms did not disappoint. This year, Oceanic will be performing an entirely new live show, and there’s no doubt that his leftfield techno and ambient noise will again conquer the crowd.

Draaimolen Festival
9 & 10 September 2022 - Tilburg, MOB Complex