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Discover Undercover - Episode 3 : Are we human, or are we dancer?

Subbacultcha Belgium and OLT Rivierenhof are teaming up through an exclusive podcast: Discover Undercover in order to promote a new concert series, supposed to take place in March (but cancelled now!) and going by the name of OLTCLUB.

Dear listeners, these recordings were made before the COVID-19 crisis, so please ignore any of the upcoming shows we mention as these have been cancelled since then. Stay safe out there.

As complicated as the 21st century may seem sometime, what we do like about it is that it gave us tools to express ourselves and raise our voices. And while big artists have preceded them, an entire movement of artists and makers are claiming their true selves. It is very interesting to see the work that results from that. From concepts such as identity, diversity and gender and queer equality.

And so we’re meeting up with two rockstars in the scene: Jaouad Alloul and Nyiragasigwa Hens. They know each other, started vzw BeHuman together and made wonderful events such as 'People of Colour Pride' happen.


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