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Different Class 2020

Alright, here it is, bet you didn’t expect this one to turn up; Different Class is really happening this year. Nope, not a dream, the Subba-team has been busy roasting a little homegrown line-up of five familiar faces (yep, it’s a bubble!) to bring some joys in our last days of summer. So grab your masks and head down to the docks for a day of music, hydroalcoholic gels and some good distancing.

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A little quiet during the last 2 years, singer-producer-dancer Golin is given us the outmost pleasure and excitement to see her back in action with her cinematic dancing performances over soundscapes of Japanese pop.



Michul Kuun, aka the Philly sound alchemist, will perform his famous blend of programmed drums with heavily manipulated samples taking root in jazz, punk and noise.


David Numwami

Around in the early days Subba with his (already-then-vogue) band Le Colisée, David has not been far from idle since then; he’s joined Nicolas Godin (Air) in the studio, jammed with Flavien Berger and shared stages around the globe with Charlotte Gainsbourg. Difficult to place him in a specific music genre, David sings pop lullabies that will get you hooked forever and ever.



Top Cash Boys Ent. (TCBE) are the latest hip hop sensation from Leuven. BBJ, Gapi, Jorgen, Puss99, Shona and TaylorBeatzz will bring their catchy rap saus to Ghent for their first Subba show ever. So we’re extremely excited!



Ghent-based event organiser and DJ, Nikomba will keep your feet in action as she carefully progresses through her various selections of hip-hop, funk, soul, afrobeat and house.

Different Class
19 September - Bar Bricolage, Ghent