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December Dance 2019

CC Brugge and Concertgebouw Brugge join forces to organize December Dance, a ten-day dance festival curated by Needcompany. The international and multidisciplinary art house focuses on regeneration, thus becoming a breeding ground for new artistic alliances. So expect both contemporary dance icons and rising artists, deconstructing the body and rebuilding intercultural unity. Get to know the recommendations of our resident dance collector Lynn Cailliau.

Text by Lynn Cailliau
Lead photo: Nutcrusher by Sang Hook Ok


Nutcrusher, Sung-Im Her - 7/8 Dec

As a woman, performer and Korean-born but London-based choreographer Sung-Im Her is interested in how these three identities intersect, especially in relation to the slow but dramatic arrival of the #metoo in Korea. Sung-Im Her’s Nutcrusher is a dance work which adds a valuable contribution to the movement with its rough aesthetics and undoing of the sexually coded body. Performed by herself, and 2 other female dancers head-banging to the state of exhaustion, they create a destructive environment for the audience, both visually and orally. Through persistent techno and repetitive gestures, they move towards a genderless nature, questioningthe sexual objectification of women.


Cutlass Spring, Dana Michel - 9 Dec

‘I’ve always been obsessed with … sex stuff.’ Canadian and chameleon artist Dana Michel is seekingto widen the door to her sexual selfbreaking through conventions with daring and uncensored choreographies. Soliciting her own body, Dana Michel digs for her most intimate childhood memories. She analyses her cultural roots at a sexual level, examining her identity from an outsider’s gaze with uncommon imagination, humor and guts. Her latest creation, Cutlass Spring, is a manifesto and a heated reflection on sexual understanding witha piercing and unforeseengaze at the liberation of the body.


Näss (People), Fouad Boussouf / Massala Dance Company - 12 Dec

This new creation by French-Moroccan choreographer Fouad Boussouf, unfolds like a cross-cultural exchange between North African dance and contemporary hip hop. The result is an experience that is simultaneously haunting and physical. On strong beats, seven male dancers come together, infusing urban culture and dance traditions in a unique way. With spectacular movements and physical energy that draw the audience into a vibrant adventure,  Näss – Arabic for ‘the people’ – takes you to the streets of Morocco in a rhythmic odyssey.


All the good - Jan Lauwers / Needcompany - 14 Dec

Director Jan Lauwers met Israeli war veteran Elik Niv who, following a serious accident and a long rehabilitation process, became a professional dancer. During their conversations, Zaventem airport was attacked by two suicide bombers.  All the good is a fictional self-portrait, interwoven with autobiographicalelements, drawn on one side from the life of Elik Niv and on the other from Lauwers’ life including his partner Grace Ellen Barkey and their two children. This rich and thought-provoking theatrical experience shows the world we live in as it truly is, tackling the big themes of art and life. 

December Dance 2019 
5-15 Dec - multiple locations, Brugge