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Concerts for the price of two beers (or even less) 

If you’re keen on discovering new music, in the upcoming months, Trix is the place to be.  The HiFive series offers a different concert every week without a fixed genre.  A ticket only costs €5 and the rule is, the more tickets you buy, the less you pay—so make sure to bring your friends, colleagues, family or whoever with you! Think of it as a festival that is spread over a few months, where you first check out performances without really knowing what or who’s playing but end up becoming the biggest fan in the end. We made it easy for you and selected a few highlights not to miss.

Text by Gaia Lufrano
Cover image : Lewsberg by Danny Griffioen

Lewsberg — 24 March
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Expect to be teleported back to the 1970s because Lewsberg sounds like the new Velvet Underground from Rotterdam. They write songs about the ordinary, the daily, yet not boring stuff, as ‘some things only get mentioned if they are exceptional’. Although they usually serve sharp guitar sounds, their last album In Your Hands unveils their gentler side. 


Zola Blood — 06 April 

Zola Blood uses angelic vocals and deep synths to create songs that fluctuate between dream pop and techno (songs best played on a night drive around 3 am). 
Their last album Infinite Games serves as a metaphor for the infinite choices and possibilities we get in life, together with all its uncertainties and unplanned events. Even though this might sound vague or slightly cringey, their music is definitely not. Fun fact : If you’ve seen the Gossip Girl reboot, you might recognise ‘Two Hearts’ which was featured in the series.


Human Tetris — 11 April

If Human Tetris were a star sign, it would be a Scorpio: discrete, passionate and always with an air of mystery around them. The four-piece band from Moscow started in 2008 but dissolved for a while in 2012. After sporadically releasing a single and an EP, their latest album Memorabilia came out in 2018. Shaped by the Soviet sound of the 80s, their music can be described as indie-meets-new-wave with a melancholic undertone.


Tennyson — 18 May 

Tennyson was created back in 2012 by Canadian brother and sister Luke and Tess. Most people associate their music with electronic lo-fi (which is accurate to a certain extent), but it has evolved into a lot more over the past years. 
Their freshly released album Rot is as if everything they have ever experimented with came together perfectly. It feels like a well-written black and white graphic novel about floating in space and dreaming about the future. Be prepared to be dancing while—maybe—shedding a tear at the same time. 

24 March, Antwerp, Trix

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