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Bright Mood - Mar/Apr 2022

Brightness occurs when something gives out or reflects light. Brightness is bold, like up and coming young artists. Brightness is vivid, like a show that you can’t stop thinking about for days after you see it. We often feel expected to somehow create brightness. We see others preaching positive mindsets and lifestyles, which seem impossible. The thing is, we don’t have to generate brightness on our own. By surrounding ourselves with other radiant, bold and vivid creativity, we can draw from that, continuing the cyclical reflection of energy. 

As the season changes, we feel a shift within ourselves, a hopeful longing for brighter times. We’ve gotten over the hump, put the bleak and stormy weather behind us, and are faced forward, towards the spring. But just as we can’t produce this energy ourselves, neither can nature. Instead of idly waiting, expecting the season itself to bring about bright moods, we can start now, during this transition time, by surrounding ourselves and others with mutual radiance.

Front cover: Trance Arts Collective shot by Anna Van Durme at S.M.A.K., Ghent
Intro: Dlisah Lapidus
Thank you Astrid, Chloé, Dlisah, Julien, Jonas, Kasper-Jan, Frieda, Laura, Ilka, Toon, Jonas, Lucie, Homa, Sander, Milena, Daisy, Seamus, Anna, Lex, Bridget, Sheeque, Molly, Joanna, Mayli & Maria.

Editor in chief / Content manager: Herlinde Raeman
Editor: Astrid Stubbe
Copy editor: Dlisah Lapidus
Design: Chloé D’hauwe
Printer: zwartopwit - duurzaam drukwerk


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