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Best Of Belgium 2019

New Year, new music? Every two years in January Subbacultcha and Ancienne Belgique organize The Sound Of The Belgian Underground. As an independent platform venturing into the outskirts of alternative music and arts, Subbacultcha is devoted to the niche. January 26 2020 marks the fourth edition of our party of what’s secretly gathering underneath the surface. In preparation to this and to celebrate another year gone by we would like you to listen to these 19 bands and start the new decade in tune.

Text by Subbacultcha Belgium's team & Dylan Belgrado

Chibi Ichigo

A Russian-born artist with a Japanese musical alter ego who’s rapping in Russian, Dutch and English: Chibi Ichigo doesn’t like boundaries. Not even the ones around her comfort zone. Pushing herself further she has one message: follow your passion. Even if it’s nillies music or bird watching.



Ikraaan - ‘glitterprincess’ on Instagram and a self-proclaimed ‘clown’ on stage - is a 21-year-old from Mechelen. She released her first ep Happy Pill in September, inspired by her own traumas and struggles. Her stirring and personal Dutch R&B could (but shouldn’t) substitute your psych.


Cesar Quinn

Cesar Quinn is the project of multi-instrumentalist Frederik Daelemans, who studies at KASK. This year he dropped the exquisite debut single 'Ruby'. Spheric pop for fans of King Krule en Gus Dapperton.


Willy Organ

We're just translating his bio here ... Willy Organ is a white, Flemish-speaking, native cis-man who makes music and accompanying video clips for mammals, the Homo Sapiens in particular. The project operates between Belpop and audiovisual art with texts who switch from dark absurdism to hilarious realism and back.


Mathieu Serruys

Crisp noises and subtle textures characterize the moody music created by Mathieu Serruys, inspired by film and irrational fear. Using mostly reel-to- reel tapes, he evokes intimate, comforting atmospheres, which are disturbing at the same time. Serruys strives to keep pushing the boundaries of his experimental music for future compositions and live shows. 


Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe is an ambitious theatre maker, performer and ‘wannabe countertenor’. ‘Multidisciplinary’ is his favorite word and ‘busy’ might be his second – he performed in three plays this summer. Yet not everything has to be about profiling and success: when playing at SOBU with longtime collaborator Laurens Mariën (Alien Observer, Soldier’s Heart, Dolly Bing Bing), there will be room for songs like ‘Do You Smell the Poop, Poop, Poop?’, too.


2 Times Nothing

Don’t judge a book by its cover. 2 Times Nothing might appear to be the band with the most trivial name in the country, but in reality they’re Belgium’s finest. They’ve been playing together since childhood, which becomes apparent when you hear their music. Not shy of merging their instruments with electronics and effects, you can hear fragments of late-period Miles Davis in their music, mixed with a touch of Aphex Twin and Four Tet.



Summer Satana


Screams, drum machines, positive storytelling… Summer Satana’s live performances are as haunting and dramatic as they are honest and fragile. Brussels-based self-taught singer, composer and producer Tiphaine Larrosa – her real name – performs on stage with an uncompromising feminist resolve. 


Klein Volk

If you’re looking forward to dissolving into calming ambient flow, Klein Volk’s spellbinding synths will work for you just perfectly. Klein Volk is Marie Baeke and Wesley Buysse, live assisted by Timo Bonneure.



The Top Cash Boys are Leuven's newest electronic hiphop formation. Their debut 7000 was realeased on Victor De Roo's label Kontakt.


Bear Bones, Lay Low

Over 10 years ago, the guy behind psych-drone project Bear Bones, Lay Low and Sylvester Anfang II member Ernesto González traded Venezuela for Belgium. Since then you can say he’s made quite the name for himself, even DEKMANTEL hearted this dubby exotica tunes with tropical psychedelia. We think he owns the Belgian underground scene by now. Forever in our hearts!


Michul Kuun, aka NAH, the Philly sound alchemist who has landed in Belgium some time ago, is known for his own specific brand of ever-evolving sonic explorations rooted in electronic, hip hop, jazz, punk and who-knows-what-else.


Clara! y Maoupa

‘Avant-reggaeton’ is a thing. DJ and MC Clara! grew up in Spain listening to reggaeton. Encouraged by experimental producer Maoupa Mazzocchetti, she became a songwriter in their collaborative project Clara! y Maoupa, a dancefloor friendly yet startling blend of trap, perreo and dancehall. The Brussels-based duo call themselves ‘club-ready’ but that doesn’t quite cover it.



Brussels based duet Capelo consist of Eve Decampo and Michel Nyarwaya. Together they produce playful lo-fi popmusic with a fragile and romantic touch. Their latest outcome Baby Boom was released on Le Syndicat des Scorpions.


Laryssa Kim

As a singer-slash-composer, Laryssa Kim strives to create hypnotic oases of serenity, wherein one’s mind disconnects from the deafening roar of daily thoughts and enters a meditative state of uninterrupted silence, opening a pathway to self-knowledge and awareness.



Comprised of Bert Cools (electric and acoustic guitar), Dries Laheye (electric and acoustic bass guitar), and Stijn Cools (drums), Hoera creates precise improvisational jazz which radiates intimacy and peace.


Old Painless

Old Painless named himself after the minigun of sergeant Blain Cooper in sci-fi film series The Predator, yet also likes to take pictures with cute little baby goats. His noise-hop is a bit like Yami-kawaii, the Japanese ‘gothic-cute’ fashion style: it can be as dark and brutal as it is sensitive.


David Numwami

Songwriter-composer-producer David Numwami, formerly Le Colisée, is a musical genius in blending pop into experiment. Next to his own projects, he has been working with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains and Air amongst others.


Judith Kiddo

Brussels-raised singer-songwriter Judith Kiddo started her career as an actress, but eventually chose to pursue music. She produced refreshing and funny synth-pop, recorded with Lucien Fraipont (Robbing Millions).


The Sound Of The Belgian Underground with Chibi Ichigo, Ikraaan, Old Painles, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe & Clara! y Maoupa
26 Jan - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
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