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Basic Moves

Basic Moves, the label, turns three. Three years of digging up unreleased tapes, cassettes and vinyls that have never seen the light of day. Three years of releasing those gems suited for the night. To celebrate the occasion, Basic Moves, the family, invited us to their annual Christmas spaghetti dinner, an invitation too good to refuse. In between conversations about hosting artists, the South African underground scene and music journalism, we had the occasion to peek into their impressive record collection and ask some questions.

Interview by Hannes Rooms
Photos by the Basic Family, shot in Brussels

Basic moves consists of Deg, Walrus, islas, Francis99, Boudewijn Ericx, Eva Claus, Michael Stordeur, Jakob, Gurl and friends. They call themselves musical outsiders who share a real dedication to underground clubbing, always on an adventurous journey through the outer limits of house, techno and electro. Ahead of the dinner, Walrus warned me his labelmates aren’t that fond of interviews, so they weren’t aware of my presence. A promising start… 

But once I arrived I was greeted wholeheartedly and introduced to the family, because that’s what Basic Moves actually is: a group of DJs, producers, graphic designers, filmmakers, organisers or just supporters of music and each other. While some have already spent years in the scene, others only joined later. But despite the differences in age, experience and job descriptions, I can’t but describe them as peers.

at the annual Basic Moves Christmas spaghetti dinner

Basic Moves is a place for outsider club music. What’s a musical outsider?

Someone who doesn't walk the lines of fashion, trends, or hype. Someone who follows his/her heart, stomach and ears. The idea of something being ‘outsider’ means it doesn’t fit inside any standard box or mould, nor any category that has strict lines and borders. So outside is also kind of a synonym for openness.

Are you outsiders in different ways as well?

I guess so, following what we just described we apply this approach to most things in our lives. We try to be as true to ourselves as possible, whether it’s in the music we listen to, the things we attend or buy, or the projects we support. Sometimes this means going against the stream, sometimes it might be counter-productive but deep down it’s worth it.

hand-picked vinyls by Walrus as Christmas presents

Of course, a Christmas party doesn’t come without presents. All attendees and I were surprised by hand-crafted ceramic sculptures by islas and hand-picked vinyls by Walrus. Handing out the vinyls started lengthy conversations: ‘You already have that one? You never heard of this label? This one sounds like *insert little-known producer*. I found this at *insert foreign music shop*.’ I was handed The Sect3000 (BM08), which included a 400-word backstory about tracking down the original ¼” eight-track reel-to-reel in Zurich and remastering it back in Brussels. I definitely recommend reading the intriguing origin stories of all their releases on the Basic Moves website. Fun fact about their website is that you can keep (almost) endlessly scrolling with nothing to see but darkness. It’s like scrolling yourself back in time.

We try to be as true to ourselves as possible, whether it’s in the music we listen to, the things we attend or buy, or the projects we support

Looking back at three years of basic moving, walk us through the realisations you’re most proud of.

The connections and friendships made by working on releases, chronicles and events. Also all the people we met along the way, a lot of whom have become close friends. Being able to archive some important music and stories on a vinyl format that might otherwise have been swept away with the wind.

What unexpected moves are you planning for the future?

A lot! Our latest release, BM12 Caustic 14, will come out at the end of January; in late March we co-curate a stage at Listen! festival alongside our good friends of Kalahari Oyster Cult. We’re also working on a series of compilations accompanying our chill-out events called Gems Under The Horizon. Then there’s our three birthday club nights in Brussels, Barcelona and Leeds to celebrate our three years of existence, and a tour in China & Japan after the summer. And last but not least, in August we’ll curate the Cochilo floor at the great Waking Life festival in Portugal together with Intrinsic, a collective from London.

As true renegades of the night, the Christmas dinner only served as warm-up for a club night later on, so we packed the vinyls and hopped in an Uber to Anderlecht where islas had to play a closing set just after another Brussels household name, DJ Lawrence Ledoux. While islas seamlessly mixed one vinyl into the other, the nightowls present danced peacefully along, well into the after-hours.


Which track from the Basic Moves catalogue suits best for the after-hours?

Circadian Rhythms - Sleeping Soul (BM11)


BM12 – Caustic 14 is now available on Bandcamp and via Crevette Records.
Check out the rest of the Basic Moves catalogue on their website

3 Years of Basic Moves
2 Feb - C11, Brussels
Free for members before 10 PM