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Artefact 2020

Artefact is a festival of contemporary art in Leuven, presenting an exhibition and a wide array of concerts, films, lectures. It manages to tie it all together through one shared thematic focus. This year’s theme is Alone Together; aiming to address the solitude and loneliness of modern times, but also to celebrate the cathartic sense of togetherness one can experience through music and art. We've sought out five acts which should not be missed. Do make sure to pass by the free exhibition before one of the concerts, doors open at 2 PM. See you there!

Text by Wannes Dewit
Cover photo: Eartheater, shot in 2018 by Yael Malka

13 Feb - STUK, Leuven

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Eartheater stands at the pinnacle of electronic music after having dropped one of the best albums of 2019, Trinity. Her ethereal, classical-like vocals draped over forward-thinking instrumentals wrap around you like an emotional boa constrictor. Her dizzying live shows are also not to be missed, driving alienation to the max. Eartheater’s performance will be part of the free opening night of the Artefact Festival, so no reason not to pass by.

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Jenny Hval
19 + 20 Feb - STUK, Leuven

The Nordic art-pop phenomenon that is Jenny Hval will be gracing STUK with one of her shows. And not just a show; it wil be the Belgian premiere of her multidisciplinary performance The Practice Of Love. Her new album with the same name showed up on lots of end-of-the-year-lists, which was well deserved. Her modular sounds can be eerie, but also soft and beautiful. Her double life as a writer shows in her lyrics, pushing the visceral edge of songwriting.

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Casual Gabberz
22 Feb - STUK, Leuven

A night to celebrate the unifying force of music. The French neogabber collective, Casual Gabberz, are well known for their eclectic, jaw-clenching DJ sets. They break down borders and smash genre labels to pieces, all with a pumping gabba backdrop. Hantrax will play his special Paroxysm A/V show; we’ve been notified that it will involve mirrors and laser gloves. Local legends from the Slagwerk collective are also present, so you already know this will be one for the books. Come and experience dance floor euphoria with us!

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Maria W. Horn & King Midas Sound
27 Feb - STUK, Leuven
Free for members

King Midas Sound’s concert is announced as a deep listening evening, because deep listening is what the their new album, Solitude, truly deserves. The album is a lament on loneliness, a meditation on an unforeseen loss; sometimes minimal and menacing, but always gut-wrenching. One half of King Midas Sound is made up by Kevin Martin, known by dub and ambient heads as The Bug. Also performing is The Swedish Maria W. Horn, known for her beautiful electroacoustic soundscapes. Her A/V performances aim to study how an overload or loss of impulses can push you to transcend everyday life and invoke alternate mental states.


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More info about Artefact:

King Midas Sound presents
Solitude + Maria W. Horn + Ben Bertrand

27 Feb - STUK, Leuven
Free for members