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A taste of what Brussels' scene has been cooking up recently

There is no doubt that Brussels' cultural and artistic scene is very busy. On the 22nd of October, one of the city's signature events, the Museum Night Fever, will take place immersing us even more in all that this scene has to offer. Many museums open their doors for an exciting evening programme and we've selected a few artists, performances and events to ensure that you don't miss out.

Text written by Bruna Martins

RBB B BRR – Argos

If you like experimenting with music in an alternative way, the RBB B BRR performance created by the artist Ode de Kort might interest you. This multifaceted artist crosses different mediums but arrives at Argos with a performance composed of rubber sounds and movements that is the result of experiments conducted by the artist in recent years. RBB B BRR is the first outcome of these experiments and is part of the programme proposed by Argos for this exciting evening activity.


Farida Amadou – Argos

Farida Amadou floats through musical genres ranging from blues to jazz or hip hop. The Liège-based artist has had the electric bass as her main instrument since 2011. Besides being part of different projects in duo or trio and collaborating with various other musicians, the artist also chose to focus on a solo project and performs at Argos as part of its current exhibition THE 1970s: ___ and Museum Night Fever. This performance invites spectators and visitors to revisit the audiovisual arts of the 1970s and to get to know one of the leading musical artists of the current Belgian scene.


Leaving Living Dakota - Kanal Centre Pompidou K1

Leaving Living Dakota collective is behind several events and exhibitions. Their goal is to promote the empowerment of queer and POC artists by creating safe spaces and a strong community through artistic and musical expressions. On the evening of the 22nd of October, the collective's promoters and curators will be teaming up with Kanal Centre Pompidou to offer us an evening of art and music at K1. All of this will be matched with a view of the Canal waters and an incredible atmosphere.


Plein de Jeu - MIMA

Plein de Jeu is built around freedom of creation. The collective recognizes itself as a playground where the ego is left aside in favour of creativity and collective participation. It gives people the opportunity to interact and express themselves through painting, drawing, photography, or performance. In partnership with MIMA Museum for the Museum Night Fever, Plein de Jeu will take over MIMA’s building and invite visitors not only to become spectators but also creators, dedicating a space in the museum to experiments with drawings or sounds.

Brussels Museum Night Fever
22 October 2022 - various locations, Brussels