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A reason to celebrate the freedom we deserve

On the 2nd and 3rd of December, Trix Antwerp will once again be hosting the legendary Celebration of Life festival. An inclusive rave celebrating queer culture and music, with lesser-known local artists to internationally renowned acts, a celebration of life builds a safe haven for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. With a focus on inclusion and open-mindedness, Celebration of life encourages self-expression and diversity by offering a safe, loving, and accepting environment for everyone involved. We’ve picked out a selection of 5 artists from the 25 guests that will be adorning the 6 stages during the festival. So put on your best dancing shoes, and join us for a weekend of utter freedom on the dance floor.

Text written by Rodrigo Costa Ribeiro


Berlin-based, Copenhagen-raised Petra alias Peachlyfe is a Dj and producer best known for their fast-paced, hear-beat-raising techno and trance anthems. Whereas Peachlyfe partook in multiple projects and bands prior to their current project, it was during the pandemic that their career in electronic music truly established itself.

Perfectly fitting with the Celebration of life ethos, Peachlyfe preaches queer inclusion while characterising their music as a “liberation project” that is in every way political, in their own words, “it’s a way of enlightening whoever is listening”. A Resident DJ at the famed underground raves of Copenhagen nightlife Fast-Forward and Endurance, Peachlyfe explored multiple genres, from jazz to punk all the way through avant-garde pop before arriving at their current destination of experimental electronic music, techno, and trance.



Born in 2015 as the love child of founders Liyo and Steff, HE4RTBROKEN is a Belgian collective best known for hosting bi-monthly events catering to a broken-hearted melancholic crowd looking to mend their frail hearts on the dancefloor. Instead of solely focusing on one specific genre. HE4RTBROKEN is the perfect marriage of different musical styles, their famed parties effectively create an emotive playground where sound and feelings become one.


House Of Lux

Drag collective house of lux has been present in Belgian nightlife since 2018, With their legendary Fetch and Queerly Beloved parties, The Ghent-based collective consisting of Mauve Lux, Kriejtur and Susan From Grindr will make sure to take you on an unforgettably campy journey guaranteed to guide you through a perfectly curated explosion of pop-culture references, throwback hits, and contemporary songs. Advocating for queer rights and inclusiveness, their Live performances serve as true crockpots of queer culture, flamboyantly filled to the brim with queer anthems and underground treasures.



Russian-born, Athens Raised Producer and DJ Babynymph have enriched the music scene in recent years with unapologetic hyperpop anthems reminiscent of early euro trance tracks and their more contemporary hyperpop and bubblegum bass counterparts. Remixed by the late SOPHIE, one of their more prominent tracks, ‘clown shit’ feat. Bayli has become a staple of the experimental pop world. A product of the Athens club scene, Babynymph preaches bravery, freedom and hyper-femininity in an avant-garde package. Heavily influenced by fashion, their visuals are undoubtedly otherworldly.



Berlin-based Techno and House artist Waynette delivers an experimental electronic music experience influenced by a 15-year-long presence in the underground music scene.

A member of the Rave Atlas family and a Hör Berlin regular, Waynette’s library ranges from gloomy, dark, and unsettling beats influenced by the early days of rave culture all the way to a more experimental audio journey.

Celebration of Life
2 & 3 December 2022 - Antwerp, Trix
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