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#9 Fleur De Roeck : Drakennacht

In this temporary world, we’ve launched The Art Series, providing you with an access to exclusive artworks specially made for our community. Every Friday, you, as a Subbacultcha member, will get a work made by local and international creatives.

This week all members will receive an A4 print of Fleur's Drakennacht. You're not a member yet and want to get this exclusive piece? Become a member before 29 May.

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Fleur is a painter. And a drawer. And a sculptor. She’s all that at the same time. A resolute and imaginative drawer as a kid, her passage through graphic design school drastically limited her creative spirit – a bit hard for someone who looks up to artists like Per Kirkeby or Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden. What keeps her going through the struggles of an artist’s life? The ‘urge’ to create, even if things don’t fall in place instantly. As she says it herself: ‘Keep going and don’t give up even when you have the feeling you’re alone on your path.’ And it seems to be working: her collages, paintings and sketches have appeared in several exhibitions in Belgium and Paris.