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#4 Larpie & Quintano - Our havocs through the sky

The enigmatic auto-tune duo Larpie & Quintano is coming your way! Check the 4th piece of quarantine art for Subbacultcha Belgium.

Active members will receive a unique poster of their work. If you're not a member yet and want to receive this exclusive piece, you can become a member before 17 April. 

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All info about the Quarantine Art Card

This time they won't appear as the cowboys of bizarre lyrics, trashy effects and melodramatic songwriting, but as this generation's most brilliant graphic designers. They’ve made you an intuitive poster, exploring images of a playful and flourishing sky. Figures with an almost mythical allure practising warfare as they learn committing to love. Take a dive into their most bizarre yet never not enthusiastic endeavor.

Soundcloud Larpie
Souncloud Quintano