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20-something 2021

In May and June 2020 we've published our latest 20-something lists. The list features 20 people in their twenties who are an inspiration for the young generation of today in Belgium: musicians, artists, actors, models, illustrators, designers, architects, fashion designers, photographers, teachers,... you name it, we got it. We're compiling a new list as we speak, so help us with your input!

Cover photo by Jill Verhaeghe, featured in the 20-something list of 2020

We’re looking for fresh faces to get featured in our 20-something list of 2021. Got someone in mind? Submit their name via the button below. The deadline is Friday 19 March at Midnight.

Submissions are closed.

Have a read in our latest 20-something issues from 2020. Including Peenoise, Remi Calmont, Crat, Medusa Brussels, Jill Verhaeghe, Dries Verhaegen, Arthur Dufoor, Juliane Noll, Miguel Soll, Arne Huysmans, Milena Maenhout, Stef Van Looveren, Pelphine Dodot, Haus of Consent, Clara Duflos, BRYN, Axelle Vertommen, Joselito Verschaeve, Louise Delanghe, Thor Salden, TCBE, CasseCouilles, Manoe Sunkwa, PA\WS, Melanie Musisi, Naser Kianersi, Eloi Boucher, Hicham Harbib, Chloe Arrouy, African Diplomat, Kamilia Sain, Lander Govaerts, DJ Lola Haro, Mirthe Tibos, Geran Knol, Lordesteezus, Karmen Ayvazyan, CELLVL, Zuidpark & Michael Morozov.