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#15 Nina Vandeweghe : She thinks of me as melancholy, I think of her as bright and sad

In March until September 2020, we’ve launched The Art Series, providing our members with access to exclusive artworks specially made for our community. As a Subbacultcha member, you received 16 artworks made by local and international creatives.

Members in the period starting from 10 July 2020 until 30 July 2020, received an A3 print of Nina's She thinks of me as melancholy, I think of her as bright and sad.

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Nina Vandeweghe (1988) graduated in 2012 at KASK & Conservatorium in Ghent. Her work arises from the fascination for found material. This can be a sentence, a picture, a piece of paper with a special texture,... Nina often plays with coincidence; an accidental paint stain or a found sliver could be a starting point for her pieces or can become a canvas for her work.

Her work contains dark humour and plays with recognizable comic elements; exaggerated things like a hat, big shoes, the eyes,... Nina creates intuitively and spontaneously and so refers unconsciously to naive art. Her worlds are inhabited by numerous grotesque figures, her characters are endearing creatures, melancholic anti-heroes with angular shoulders and long limbs, weighed down by the pressure of a hectic society. 

In her latest work, sentences collected from word games lead to the creation of her images. 

Nina Vandeweghe lives and works in Brussels.

 She thinks of me as melancholy, I think of her as bright and sad (F.O'Hara)