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#13 Ramy Moharam Fouad - Schaduw

In March we’ve launched The Art Series, providing you with access to exclusive artworks specially made for our community. Every Friday, you, as a Subbacultcha member, will get a work made by local and international creatives.

This week all members will receive an A4 print of Ramy's work entitled schaduw. You're not a member yet and want to get this exclusive piece? Become a member before 26 June.

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Quoting a small piece we wrote in 2016 about Ramy:

'Though only 17 years old, Ramy Moharam Fouad has been shooting for a long time and now truly discovered his own way of photographing. ​In Antwerp, he won last year’s photography preliminaries of Kunstbende. His images beautifully capture the details that are easily surpassed in our daily routines. Stating that most of us often are heads-up in the clouds, occupied with the so-called more important things, Moharam Fouad points out it are these details of wonder that are the necessary elements in a lifetime, fragments that have the power to lighten up one's day completely, moments we should all dwell on.'

In the meantime, Ramy is 20 and has been working for Tamino - his brother - Emma Bale, Zwangere Guy,... He is a photographer, director, creative director and student altogether, a young professional on the rise.