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#12 Geran Knol : I could be anyone

In March we’ve launched The Art Series, providing you with access to exclusive artworks specially made for our community. Every Friday, you, as a Subbacultcha member, will get a work made by local and international creatives.

This week all members will receive an A2 poster from this work by Geran Knol. You're not a member yet and want to get this exclusive piece? Become a member before 19 June.

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Meet Geran Knol. He’s an illustrator and musician who lives in Antwerp but was born in the Netherlands. As an illustrator, his creations feature strange little human-like figures in interesting compositions and collages. He’s got other projects going on too, like the music he makes under the pseudonym Oval Angle and the collaborative collective he co-founded with Bloeme van Bon, called Park Pardon.

'What I make is often a combination of figurative and abstract lines and shapes. I don’t necessarily tell stories, but I often use my own persona to visualise things. I like to bring an element of humour into it, together with a sort of poetic silence. My comics are not really story-based either, but tend to give a certain feeling. A small sketch or a more detailed work can have the same importance, as they are all part of an artistic practice that I try to keep as broad as possible' (source: Metal Magazine)