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10 YEARS OF SUBBA - Sept/Oct 2022

Time passes. Sometimes, it flies by like a colourful kite in a gust of wind; other times it drags horribly like a sticky paste of honey, but it always goes on. We will never be as young as we are now.

Today, in the swirling kaleidoscope of events and mind-spinning vertigo of experiences, we would like to take a moment to appreciate how far we all have come.

It’s been ten years. We have been together, turning our hopes, concerns and aspirations into artistic fuel to propel ourselves forward. Look, what a daring and warm family we have built together. 🫶

Words by Laura Isachenko (intro) & Dlisah Lapidus (body)
Front cover: Otis shot by Jonas Reubens


You’re invited to our 10th-anniversary party! 

We’re hitting double digits this year and want to celebrate with you, our Subba community. We couldn’t have done this without you all, from the first members back in 2011 to the ones who just joined this year!  

Anniversaries are special because, while they obviously stimulate reflection, they also encourage foresight. As we reflect on the past 3,650 days, we can’t help but look forward to the coming 3,650 days as well. This simultaneous outlook onto the past and the future is relatable to everyone. We, as people, are always looking back, reminiscing about our personal influences and experiences over time, while also looking ahead, to what we can transform these experiences into.  

10 years of music. 10 years of art. Of parties. Of festivals. 10 years of sharing some of the brightest Belgian talents. For 10 years, Subbacultcha has been a resource for creative people, helping to connect artists and audiences.

We are so proud to have spent the past 10 years doing what we love most - supporting exciting, boundary-pushing artists in the Belgian scene, and we are even more excited for what lies in the future.

To celebrate, we’re meeting up with our friends at C12 and inviting some of our favourite DJ's, promoters and artists that have worked alongside us during this journey. 

So come and help us ring in our next decade on 7 October at C12!

See you there!

7 Oct - C12, Brussels

Come to the party for free as a Subbacultcha member!
Not a member yet? We’re handing out presents! 🎁
Become a member now for €8 (instead of €24)!

Editor-in-chief : Herlinde Raeman
Editorial Manager : Astrid Stubbe
Copy Editor : Dlisah Lapidus
Graphic Design : Emma Raymaekers
Printer : zwartopwit - duurzaam drukwerk
Thank you to everyone who has been working on this birthday magazine; Astrid (in the first place!), Emma, Laura, Dlisah, Ineke, Jonas, Kasper-Jan, Alice, Otis, Jonas, Senne, Yasmine, Sara, Elina, Louis, Lars, Aurélie & all the distributors. Thank you for picking this issue up and reading it! Thank you for being of becoming a member and supporting us together with many other artists. 

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