It’s finally here!

Things are changing in the Subbacultcha universe. After 7 plus years of sending you the legendary paper membership cards we’re proud to let you all know we’ll be making the switch to our new digital membership in October 2019.


1. Bye paper cards, hello digital membership

What’s changing you ask? Quite a few things. The most important one: after September 2019 we will no longer send out paper membership cards. On the 1st of October 2019 the digital membership will be launched, together with our new website. From then on you’ll be able to generate a digital membership card for each individual event you’d like to attend via your personal account on the new Subbacultcha website.


2. New subscription options

Another change are the membership subscription options. We’re introducing 3 different types of subscription options instead of one general deal. The Standard subscription is the Subbacultcha deal you know and love: you get access to all listed events and you receive the monthly magazine + a little gift in January and August. New standard members will of course still receive a Subbacultcha tote bag. The second option is a Digital Only subscription, which just gives you access to the events. As a digital only member you won’t receive the magazines or a tote bag. You’ll also have the option to start a Devoted Member subscription. With this option you choose to become a Subbacultcha member for a full year by paying once instead of monthly. All Devoted Members get one month for free when they make the commitment for a year. Non-Belgian members will automatically be Digital Only members.


3. New pricing and payment methods

The last change is the pricing of the membership. A Digital Only subscription cost €8 / month, a Standard subscription costs €9 / month and a Devoted Member subscription costs €99 / year. The minimum duration of the monthly paying subscriptions stays 3 months. A Devoted Member subscription will have a minimum duration of a year. We’re offering a few new payment methods: PayPal, Bancontact and credit card. Paying via a Sepa domiciliation will still be possible too.


4. How to make the switch

Making the switch to a digital membership will be easy: all you’ll have to do is register for an account on the new Subbacultcha website. During the sign-up process you’ll be asked to pick a subscription option and to set up the monthly payments (or pay the year fee if you’ve decided to become a Devoted Member). You’ll also need to upload a recent photo of yourself to make your card valid and ready to use. Once you’ve confirmed your membership via mail, your card will be active immediately.


5. FAQ’s

What changes with the new membership?
The membership card, the subscription options and the price of your membership. Starting on 1/10/2019 your Subbacultcha membership card will only be accessible via your personal profile on the new Subbacultcha website. You’ll be able to generate a membership card for each event you’d like to attend. Instead of 1 subscription option there will be 3. Pricing varies between the 3 options.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my membership?
Subbacultcha won’t send out paper membership cards after September 2019. If you decide to not make the switch to a digital membership you’ll no longer be a Subbacultcha member and you won’t be able to attend events anymore. Feel like joining us again in the future? Hooray! You’ll be able to sign up via the site whenever you want. 

What types of membership options are there?
Instead of 1 subscription option we now have 3. You can choose between: Digital Only for €8 / month for a minimum of 3 months, which only includes unlimited access to all listed events. Standard for €9 / month for a minimum of 3 months, which includes unlimited access to all listed events, a tote bag and a subscription to our monthly magazine. Devoted member for €99 / year for a minimum of a year, which includes unlimited access to all listed events, a tote bag, a subscription to our monthly magazine and one month of Subbacultcha for free.

Do I need a smartphone to use my new membership?
Essentially yes. If you don’t own a smartphone yourself you can easily login to your personal account and generate your membership card via the phone of a friend.

Do I need WIFI or mobile data to use my new membership?
Essentially yes. If you don’t have access to mobile data on your phone and the venue doesn’t provide free WIFI you’ll need to generate your membership card at home before you leave for the event. Membership cards are available to generate 24h before the start of each event.

Are you still sending out magazines?
Yes, but only if you have a Standard or a Devoted Member subscription. The magazine will also still be distributed in more than 500 different locations all over Belgium!


Do you have other questions or concerns?
Let us know!