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Recent finds
by Hannes Rooms

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Hannes Rooms brings you the soundtrack for a laid-back listening session after getting lost in deeply personal trance, gabber and R&B-infused pop. Settle in and float away.

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by Hannes Rooms


While gqom is reaching sound systems worldwide DJ Lag even made a gqom track for Beyoncé (go figure) South Africa’s house scene is once again reinventing itself. Originating just last year, the sound known as ‘amapiano’, or ‘piano’ to the hip, inherits its genetics from lineages of music made and popularised in Joburg’s townships. It’s a mix of gqom drum patterns and kwiato basslines with a late ’90s South African house tempo, all mixed in with the jazzy, soulful sound of a piano. Where as gqom was more suited for sweaty nightclubs, amapiano is preferably consumed during a laid-back listening session at home or in the chill, summery open air. Start digging amapiano with tunes from producers like VigroDeep, The Lowkeys, De Mthuda, DJ Mariphosa, Spooko, Tall Arse Tee or JazziDisciples. And oh, apparently there’s no escaping amapiano when in a Joburg cab.


Stephanie Smit is what we call a true creative, pulling off stand-up comedy and acting gigs before taking up her latest alias, Giek_1, which focuses on contemporary music and performance. She explores vivid and meditative lyrics and a deeply personal, trance, gabber and R&B nostalgia infused with experimental ambient pop. Her confronting and passion-fuelled live sets touch upon the borders of a trippy rave party, questioning the audience’s existence on the dance floor. Over the last two years Giek_1 has featured on Soul Feeder and OXYORANGE compilations, and she’s currently working on a series of no less than seven EPs alongside 15 videos, including a virtual reality experience, to be released later this year.