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Recent finds by
Jozefien Wouters

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support, straight from journalist Jozefien Wouters’ wonderfully eclectic brain to yours. Music fit for aliens at a crazy Hawaiian party and an independent Dutch risograph-printed magazine; these recent finds are ready to become some of your instant favourites!

Text and selection
by Jozefien Wouters


Cowgirl Clue

Cowgirl Clue describes herself as ‘a genie inside of a lava lamp making tunes’, and in a weird way we get what she means. Texas-born Ashley Rose Calhoun creates her own magic fairyland through bubblegummy Vada Vada (she’s the girlfriend of The Garden’s Wyatt Shears), glitter eyeshadow and cute, colourful music videos in which she often appears as an elf. It’s no surprise that she calls Deee-Lite her all-time top influence. Under the moniker Wu-Wu, Calhoun achieved local fame with her EP Limelite in 2016, but it’s her recent debut album, Icebreaker, that really caught our attention. The wacky beats, corny lyrics and playful aesthetic feel as if you’re at a crazy Hawaiian party with some fellow aliens.



Wobby is an independent Dutch risograph-printed magazine for visual arts and literature created by artists Jeroen de Leijer, Marjolein Schalk and Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein. Four times a year they let national and international artists work around a theme, ranging from ‘Wicked Women’ to ‘Fear my Dear’. Wobby is an approachable way to discover established and upcoming talent from the fields of visual arts, comics, illustration and literature, all with a weird sense of humour in common. Among their Belgian discoveries are Joëlle Dubois, Ward Zwart and Tieten Met Haar. In addition, Wobby organises various projects and events to bring artists and their audiences together. Who wouldn’t want to visit Wobbyaanland, or their zine fest Wobby Wonderland?