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het TheaterFestival

Every year the cultural season kicks off with het TheaterFestival at the end of the summer. This year, it lands in the vibrant city of Ghent. During the ten-day run, the audience can (re)discover the most outstanding and memorable performances of the last season, with #jury19 performances selected by a jury of theatre experts. Be amazed by stunning text theatre and intriguing dance, and get carried away by hypnotic performances, documentary theatre and participatory projects. Upcoming stage talent and quirky new performances can be discovered via #nieuwjong. Let the FOMO begin!

By Kathleen Treier, the director of het TheaterFestival


Het TheaterFestival also offers diverse activities based on the current state of cultural affairs: inspiring workshops, thought-provoking debates, a daily festival newspaper by a young, dynamic editorial team and a cooperation with The festival opens with inspirational speeches: The State of the Union by theatre director Sarah Moeremans and The State of the Youth by Ghent-based artist Luanda Casella. 

The festival’s coup de foudre is Paradise Now (1968-2018) by Michiel Vandevelde and fABULEUS. In a world where ideology has been defeated, where climate change is a concrete threat to our existence, and where digital technology has drastically reshaped public discourse, it seems no longer possible to think of the future. And yet, when 13 young adults scan through 50 years of history in a wild choreography of iconic images, maybe new perspectives will open up…

het Theaterfestival
5-15 Sep – Ghent