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Recent finds by Isaline Raes

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. This month, Isaline guides you through some of Subba’s newest gems in the arts and music scene.

Text and selection
by Isaline Raes



This summer, 11 young actors have pitched their tents at CAMPING SUNSET to do what they like to do best: act. Based on the proposition that a performer truly becomes a performer by confronting an audience, the rehearsal and public performances have been turned upside down. After just two weeks’ rehearsals, we’re invited to come see them play each night for a span of three weeks. They’ll bring us their interpretation of <I>Summerfolk<$>, a piece written by Maxim Gorki in 1904 that dramatises the lives of a group of Russian petite bourgeoisie who are spending their summer in a country dacha. Like the <I>Summerfolk<$> characters, the 11 actors are escaping the city for a five-week getaway at the Lübeck site which is located on the outskirts of Ghent to have fun in the sun, talk about life and explore Gorki’s piece. Check in at CAMPING SUNSET to see the result of their journey. 

Until 14 September – 20.00
Lübeck, Ghent



Peenoise comprises Gilles, Cesar and Titus, three brothers who hail from a lineage of theatre performers – although music was always their first love. They began experimenting with sound when they were rugrats, which developed into the formation of a grown-up band two years ago. Minimal synth lines, crunchy guitars and melancholic vocals are the ingredients of their dark and intimate sound that conjures uncanny yet comforting memories of the future. Keep an eye on the release of their first debut album at the beginning of 2020.