Recent Finds

Recent finds
by Hannes Rooms

Diversification is still high on our minds, something Hannes Rooms has understood very well. Broadening horizons, ours and yours, is the main goal of this recent finds duo. Tropical Diskoral and Countess Malaise are representing the Philippines and it’s network around the world; one from an electronic dance angle and the other taking the hip-hop / rap approach. 

Selection by Hannes Rooms
Lead photo by Katrin Braga


Tropical Diskoral

Tropical Diskoral showcases new electronic dance sounds from the Philippines archipelago and its wider diaspora around the world, initiated by Belgian producer-and-DJ UNOS, who wanted to pay tribute to her heritage. She joined forces with Manila-based artist similarobjects and the Tropical Futures Institute, a cultural research entity based in Southeast Asia. ‘We hope to increase electronic music coverage of Asian scenes as we feel that there is a lack of representation on Western-oriented music blogs, for example.’ The first compilation of the series was released on Philippine Independence Day (12 June) and puts a wide variety of voices separated in space together on a virtual island group. It features the likes of similarobjects, Pamcy and BP Valenzuela, blending house, disco, pop and leftfield. Certified club gold: ‘Luções’ by LIKE ANIMALS, a carefully built track that sizzles to a satisfying climax.



Countess Malaise

Another person from the Filipino diaspora is Countess Malaise. Born in Reykjavik, based in Amsterdam, this singer/rapper is raising the bar for herself track by track. On our radar since a year or two, but every release of hers continues to surprise, solidating her up-and-coming status. Her beats are mostly co-produced by Lord Pusswhip and she has a collab track with Englesia and LYZZA. The latter inspired her, both being WOC producers, ‘because all of my producer friends at that moment were all white and all dudes’ she told Glamcult. LYZZA hosted Countess Malaise’s first official gig back in 2017: ‘That is the first time I felt part of the music scene in Amsterdam.’