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Recent finds by
Silvija Daniunaite

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Today, Silvija Daniunaite guides you through some of Subba’s newest gems in the arts and music scene. From the genesis of an alternative queer universe to the mesmerizing sounds of moody flute funk –  all eyes and ears for these ones!

Text by Silvija Daniunaite


For their debut event at Zomerfabriek, the Softcore collective brings a queer night of music, artworks, audiovisual installations and performances to give us an intimate glimpse into the genesis of a different queer universe. Appropriately named Softcore, the collaboration between Aurélie Bayad and other like-minded artistic talent, including Günbike Erdermir and Anaïs Kim, explores the collision of softness and hardness when probing questions of gender fluidity, sexuality and sentimental awareness. Abandoning stereotypes and deconstructing the barriers of queer prejudice, the collective offers a safe space for companionship and self-discovery, where experimentation and exploration of the self is approached with mutual love, support and compassion. Their vision for Softcore is a one-night oasis where you can continuously create and reinvent yourself in all the ways you’ve ever longed and desired. Visitors are invited to partake in this immersive multisensory experience to gain better insight into what queerness is and stands for.

Zomerfabriek, Antwerp
6 July
Free entrance


After 4 years since his last album release, Maximilian ‘Twig’ Turnbull, a.k.a. Slim Twig, returns with fresh melodies of dank and moody flute funk, arranged and performed together with his newly assembled collective BADGE ÉPOQUE ENSEMBLE (BÉE). This eclectic sextet of telepathic instrumentalists from Toronto’s underground music scene has just released its self-titled 6-track debut LP on Telephone Explosion Records. Expect a fusion of sensual, jazzy instrumentals and densely packed grooves with a pinch of dramatic psych. In addition to their live-tracked songs, the BÉE collective presents a special collaboration with their guest vocalist James Baley, whose otherworldly r&b vocals bring a sense of timelessness to the nocturnal vibe of the 11-minute lead single ‘Undressed in Solitude’. The album as a whole weaves an abstract musical narrative through a mélange of musical instruments, mesmerizing sounds and alluring rhythms, taking you on a funky psychedelic adventure which thrills your senses, entices your mind and reawakens your soul’s sense of wonder. Delve into the musical delight brought to you by BÉE in their official video for ‘Undressed in Solitude’, directed by Alex Kingsmill.