Lost Album

Sam Gunst

In a world where we’re constantly overloaded with new music, it’s easy to forget the albums from the past that formed us the most. For this month’s Lost Album selection we stole some time from graphic designer and visual researcher Sam Gunst, whom is mostly out of office these days. Together with his In De Ruimte colleagues you’ll find him at the Floraliënhal in Ghent where they’re currently creating the 3d edition of De Biënnale van België. Between building an indoor motocross trail and coordinating 7+ curating collectives, Sam managed to tell us a bit more about an album that has all the right features to be an anthem but never went on to be one. Time to rectify that!

Lead photo by Tiny Geeroms
Selection and text by Sam Gunst


Which album would you like us to discover?
Time To Blast produced by Kick-Side. Its a late 90s hardcore release created in Belgium that features 4 different versions of the title track. It has the necessary elements to be an anthem, but it was never that popular and maybe became a lost album.

When did you first listen to it?
I first found the album about 4 to 5 years ago, back when I was exploring sounds and visual styles of 90s club culture. This album isnt really a visual trigger but that one track does it all for me. It’s an established presence at follow-up discussions after a night spent in space-time.

It’s perfect for bass-enthusiasts, people living the tuning-lifestyle, and supporters of the hardcore / rave culture

Why do you want to recover this album?
Right now were constructing the Biënnale van België, our biggest project so far, which asked a lot of preparation and effort for many months. With the opening nearing, the album represents our mindset and enthusiasm. Besides that it’s a good example of Belgium’s bass-culture; a culture that stays relevant.

For fans of?
Time To Blast is perfect for bass-enthusiasts, people who live the tuning-lifestyle, and supporters of the hardcore/rave culture. It would fit in giant sport stadiums as well.

Whats your favourite song on the album? 

My favorite track is the hardcore version. It contains the most energy; listening to it is an experience that makes you feel almost truculent when it’s over. 

Biënnale van België / Biennale de Belgique
Opening day – 21st of June – Floraliënhal, Ghent

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