KANAL BRUT has been a success: over the past 14 months, the former Citroën garage was transformed to a temporary art space under supervision of the Parisien Centre Pompidou. And what’s better to close such an outstanding season than with a festival. FESTIVAL KANAL is happening from the 21th till the 30th of June, bringing exciting concerts, exhibitions and performances. We selected some of the most interesting concerts of the festival for you. Once the dust has settled after the festival, KANAL will go under construction to become a space that’s here to stay, as well as the biggest Belgian museum for contemporary art.

Text by Dennis Meersman


Sleep In Night with Jean-Paul Dessy

Ambient Night – 22 June

Softly sliding into a deep slumber to ambient: it sounds like a blissful experience. For the Ambient Night, Kanal organises a musical sleep-in under the guidance of contemporary classical composer and cellist Jean-Paul Dessy. The day after will start with a yoga session and a breakfast. Only a 100 lucky people will be able to experience it, but the selection will be drawn by lot. Applications run until the 10th of June.


Oren Ambarchi & Will Guthrie

27 June

Oren Ambarchi is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, with the electric guitar as his main instrument. Through effects, he toes the fringes of the instrument’s capacities. Key words to his music are avant-garde electronic, improvisation and drone. Together with fellow Australian percussionist Will Guthrie, they’ll take you with them in a nene jam session described as ‘organic-stellar heaven raids’.


Sky H1 x Four Axes And A Frame

Culte Agency showcase – 28 June

Belgian SKY H1’s emotion infused music is heard all over the globe. Since her first release on Codes in 2016, the sub-label of the prominent experimental imprint PAN, things took off and she began getting recognition for her ambient pop melodies. At KANAL, she’ll be performing next to the kinetic installation Four Axes And A Frame – a collaboration of artists Nieke Koek and Gosse de Kort. Check out the latest mix of SKY H1 for Cxema which, if you listen carefully, contains some new material of hers!


Tucuxi (Mika Oki & Basses Terres)

Culte Agency Showcase – 28 June

Just like the tucuxi, an at the verge of extinction dolphin from the Amazon, all-round French artist Mika Oki and experimental producer Basses Terres will be sonically exploring the depths of the ocean. The duo, linked to the artist collective Liquidation Totale, will be using electro-acoustic instruments with ethereal melodies to bring you in a deep blue, oceanic mood.


21-30 June KANAL, Brussels
Culte Agency showcase on Friday 28 June
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