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The beginning of summer brings along a truly exciting range of events that will no doubt feed the soul of each and every music and culture aficionado out there. Why not start tomorrow with the vintage-tinged soundscapes of LA’s Scott Gilmore and the rhythms of indie-psychadelica, brought to you by none other than Brussels’ own Robbing Millions? To give you an idea of what’s coming up this month, Subba caught up with Robbing Millions for a selection of his favorite upcoming events that you simply can’t miss in June. Dive in!

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by Robbing Millions


Out Loud | Scott Gilmore x Hiele x Robbing Millions
June 7 – Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Not sure if I can include an event I’m involved in (Oh damn, I ruined the surprise – Robbing Millions is indeed the surprise act of this event), but I’m very much looking forward to seeing Scott perform his new incredibly inventive album. I’m a fan. Hiele’s witchcraft for the aftershow should be a wild ride as usual too.


Ludwig | Luchino Visconti
June 9 – Flagey, Brussels

Weirdly, I have a weak spot for war movies. I’m also a big sucker for long Italian historical dramas and decadent biopic movies. ‘Ludwig’ seems to combine all that. The movie is full of Wagner’s music and is as epic as it can get. I have actually seen it when I was around 14, but I suspect I was too young to enjoy it fully.

Ava Luna
June 23 – Botanique, Brussels

I’ve been a fan of this band for years and as far as I know it’s the first time they’re coming to Brussels. These guys are very inventive, truly original and it seems like they’re rocking hard live. Their last album ‘Moon 2’ is huge. So if you’re reading this, please go see them live !


Robbing Millions joins Scott Gilmore for two shows in Belgium.
6 June – KulturA, Liège – Free for members
7 June – Beursschouwburg, Brussels – Free for all