Rock Werchter 2019

The iconic festival Rock Werchter is known for bringing the biggest artists of the moment to their meadow. However they surely also have an eye for what might become the next big thing. Here’s where we enter the game. We give you short list of names who’re put in smaller font size on the line up and you might not yet have heard of, but definitely should know about.

Selected by Kasper-Jan Raeman

Donny Benét

Few buttons of your shirt are open, your breast hair exposed (sexy as hell), your beard and moustache flimsy trimmed. Then you feel like cracking the most expensive bottle of Moët in a purple and pink neon club just because you can, boogie-woogie on the dance floor before calling it a day and taking a ride in your Cadillac cabriolet on Ocean Drive while putting your arm around your lover. That’s at least how I picture myself while listening to Donny Benét. This is some great disco revival music.

Miss Angel

Miss Angel is a lyricist influenced by 90’s hip hop and grime. This Antwerp money making mami is playing Werchter for the first time and you should know about it. Making tracks since 2016, this year she switched up her vibe to a more grime-like sound on the track ‘LIKE THAT’ with partner in crime Blu Samu, produced by the guys of KRANKk.


Spanish pop phenomenon Rosalía blew up last summer and is here to stay. She neatly glues her flamenco roots with hip hop and reggaeton with her amazing voice. Her debut El Mal Querer was one of the biggest records of the year, bringin in two Grammys for her song ‘Malamente’. She sings, dances, writes and produces – she can do it all. Expect a big and flashy show of her!


This is a band that deserves the spot where they’re currently at. Khruangbin isn’t the easiest band name, but the difficulty of pronunciation doesn’t account for the listening experience – It’s so smooth and soothing music making you float away dreaming about what could’ve been. Inspired by 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock if you listen closely, you can find bits and pieces of musical influences from all over the globe. If you are down for a cozy Friday afternoon in in Klub C, you already know where to go.

Rock Werchter
27th to 30th of June