Paradise City 2019

Summer’s coming and so are the festivals. And for the latter, we’re always more than happy to give you recommendations on where to head to. For the fifth edition of Paradise City, the award-winning festival for its green policy, we made a selection of artists that would make you want to go to the festival where the grass is green and the people are pretty.

Selection by Kasper-Jan Raeman



This promising DJ hailing from the Netherlands is striking down in Belgium for the fifth time! According to her, Carista plays anything as long as it has a soul in it that touches people’s heart. As one of Amsterdam’s fastest-rising DJ’s, she’s more than ready to fill the dance floor. This Boiler Room set will get you hyped straight away.


Eclecticism is his trademark. You never know what to expect from Belgian DJ/producer and STROOM founder Nosedrip. Trying to namedrop some genres would be inappropriate. Best known for his online radio shows (he has a huge following on Mixcloud), he fills a monthly slot for community radio NTS in London and sporadically for Red Light Radio in Amsterdam. Slide by Friday afternoon at the Under My Garage stage and surprise yourself.

DTM Funk

After five beautiful years, this DJ from Antwerp just put an end to his party concept and label Foot Juice Art. But don’t you dare to think it stops here for DTM Funk: he’s only starting up. The Kiosk and The Word Radio resident knows how and what to spin for any crowd. Fast or slow, electronic or organic. DTM Funk meanders through it all and always finds the perfect mix. Come and witness!


Jazz with a twist, where improvisation on stage is sacred. BeraadGeslagen, consisting of STUFF. drummer Lander Gyselinck and Dutch multi-instrumentalist Fulco Ottervanger from De Beren Gieren, is a jazz duo with a strong live reputation who share a love for rural neighbourhood architecture. Not a fan of jazz? Do not worry, this is some groovy music!


Paradise City 
5-7 July in Perk, Belgium