Cultural Workers

27+, labor crew

Cultural Workers is a labour crew of three friends hailing from Brussels who’re not afraid of rolling up their sleeves. CWS is Lény Bernay, Tiphaine Larrosa and Christelle Bonnet, also known as Jardin, Summer Satana and Genesis Addiction. Through events and publications, they propose their Yes Future alternative to our capitalistic society by means of feelings, heat, poetry and spreading love. New videos for the latest Jardin EP, One World One Shit, are on the way and together with Daya Halle, they’re currently curating a new Cultural Workers Show bringing a live-performed magazine with talks, poetry, live music and video art. Previous collaborators were Leaving Living Dakota, Filles de Blédards, Poxcat, Roxanne Maillet and Luz de Amor amongst others.

Photos shot by Rashidam Nassyrova, 23