Astrid Collectief

+/- 20, art collective

Astrid Collectief consists of 20 young men representing almost every branch of art, ranging from musicians and fashion designers to graffiti artists, graphic designers and actors. They are visual artists slash performers looking to communicate in a different way. This mishmash of disciplines provides an interesting synergy, continuously influencing one another. Named after the park where it all began, the Ghent Koningin Astridpark, this group of buddies is productive as hell, and they look like they’re having a lot of fun while doing it. On 23 June they’re exhibiting at DE VLOER in Ghent. They will be showcasing their performances, exhibitions and experiments at DOK, and they’ll be partaking in Batastunt at Gentse Feesten this Summer. At the end of August the collective will co-host a new arts festival with four other collectives, called KONVOOI, in Bruges.

Photos shot by Valerie De Backer, 22