Ann-Sophie Dewaele

25, 3D artist and Girls go BOOM member

Judging from the list of things she occupies herself with, Ann-Sophie Dewaele is one busy bee. Next to her full-time job as a 3D artist, she’s one of the instigators of the feminist and queer scene in Ghent and she also plays guitar in the all-female estro-punk band Kuthumeur. Together with like-minded peers, Dewaele co-organises Queer Pride, Queerkoorts, Queer Christmas and the Queer Space evenings at Plek – for which she hosts debates around inclusiveness and safe spaces. She’s also at the core of Girls go BOOM, a feminist collective that says fuck you to the ‘dick fest’ that is the music world. If all of that that isn’t enough, Dewaele hopes to shoot her first independent short film this year.

Photos shot by Linde Stevens, 20