Marble Arch

The new Parisien label Géographie saw the daylight on the first day of spring with the release of a new Marble Arch album. Released on a date that couldn’t be more topical, ‘Children of the Slump’ invokes the feelings of nostalgia, which the first smells of spring bring forth wrapped around it, reminding you of gloomy images of your childhood.

Lead photo by Benoit Drouet


Yann Le Razavet, who writes and composes all the music, is in comparison to his debut album more ambitious on his one. Although the influences remained on status quo, the 2014 debut album ‘The Bloom Of Division’ could be considered a more lo-fi bedroom effort, while the new record sounds ennobled. He admits this as well: he considers his debut as a collection of demos and ‘Children of the Slump’ as his first, real album. Perhaps Barthélémy Bouveret lend a hand in the mastering process (Good Morning TV, Brace! Brace!) had something to do with this.

Marble Arch, named after the London-based monument made of white marble and located on Oxford Street, is definitely guitar melody-driven, pop-sensible and easily listenable. There are similarities with bands like Slowdive, although the band prefers not to be affiliated with the term shoegaze. Instead, they rather label their music with reverberated, saturated, nostalgic and contemplative pop.


Marble Arch
29 May – Madame Moustache, Brussels
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