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Recent finds by
Amaury Wilkin

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Amaury Wilkin has lined up some new discoveries to broaden your horizon. Today he’s serving up a self-taught experimental musician from Liège and DJ sets at atypical venues.

Collected and written by Amaury Wilkin


Tom Malmendier

A mostly self-taught experimental musician from Liège, Malmendier finds home in an array of different projects: Oeil Kollectif, Nystagmus, HGU, the dance company Nyasch, a quartet with Fred Frith, a duo with Sophie Agnel and many many other projects all over Europe. Very active in his hometown, he organises regular events with jazz, noise and experimental artists. This year he introduces, for the first time, TomInvite at l’An Vert, a series of four concerts focused on electronic music. You can also see Malmendier this spring and summer at festivals like Jazz à Liège with Phil Maggi and Nystagmus, Nature Festival, Supervue, Meakusma; at concerts in Zürich, Basel and Mulhouse; and on the album releases of, among others, his quartet with Fred Frith, Clara Weil and Anil Eraslan, Manolito, Masked Pickle, and Nystagmus.


Plastique Hibou

After having long maintained pole position in the underground dance circuit of ‘La Cité Ardente’ with their MinimHouse’s raves, the people of Plastique Hibou are back with their other party philosophy, based on DJ sets by top-notch legends of the electronic music scene supported by Jerohm and/or Arthur Johnson, their two highly skilled resident mixmasters, all taking place in an atypical venue – think, a cave, a boat or an abandoned factory. From Ivan Smagghe, Legowelt and Phillip Jondo to Scan 7 and Marsman, Plastique Hibou always offers an amazing eclectic lineup that doesn’t target one particular music genre. Pay attention: some venues have limited capacity and therefore sell out quickly.