Ravers unite

Subbacultcha is putting the past and present of rave culture side by side. On the 12th of July we’re bringing Astrid Gnosis, Virtual Zone, Partners, and DJ Training together for dusk to dawn raving at Amigo, Ghent.

Lead photo by Pablo Más

After a 14-year hiatus, the Belgian 90’s trance legend Virtual Zone, famous for his number 1 football stadium hits ‘Virtual Zone’ and ‘Heaven’, is back at it. Next to him on the line-up is the gabber-loving and socio-political singer Astrid Gnosis. DJ Training and Partners will inevitably make you hak and jump as well. Rave on!


Subbacultcha presents:
Astrid Genosis + Virtual Zone + more

12 July – Amigo, Ghent
Free for members, join us here