The Sound Of Me


There’s no better feeling than finding and listening to a song that fits the moment perfectly. Everyone has a soundtrack to their lives, and so does Isaac Amaro, who goes by the name of yunobi. The Antwerpian trap DJ is playing at Nacht Van De Beeldende Kunst. We’re curious to know how his set will sound, so we asked to have peek into his sonic world. So here goes!

Words by Isaac Amaro


A song that boosts your creativity

When I’m in need of new inspiration or energy, I look up some old videos of a rapping Kanye West in the studio. That’s all I need.

A song for on the road

This song has consists of two parts. It has two different moods, which makes it perfect for on the road. Listen to the beat switch after 3 minutes. It’s a masterpiece.

A song for going out

I feel obligated to pick a track by either Lil Baby or Roddy Ricch since these are the only artists I listen to before going out. Roddy or Baby? Hm, I’ll go for ‘Area Codes’ by Roddy Ricch.

A song for relaxing

This one’s tough, because I don’t ‘relax’ that much. But when I think about relaxing, I think of Brent Faiyaz.

A song for courage

I choose ‘Time’ by Lil Baby featuring Meek Mill, and the lyrics explain the pick: ‘I’m goin’ all out if it’s ‘bout mine—I’m gettin’ my shine on, I been on my grind—Feel like I’m different, I’m one of a kind…’

A song for waking up

My all-time favourite artist cannot be missing from this list. At the moment, I listen to ‘T-track’ the most; last but not least, it’s Tyler The Creator.


Nacht Van De Beeldende Kunst
Mechatok, Shygirl, Romi Luna, Josefin Arnell,
Amber Vanluffelen, Yunobi and 9M-MRJ

18 May – De Studio, Antwerp
Free for members. Join us here.