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Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx

We’re always eager to know everything that is happening in our little country, so every month we rely on the input of an interesting figure. May’s Month Of recommendations are by visual artist and Antwerp Art coordinator Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx, also known by night as DJ Bayny. According to him, it’s Antwerp you need to pull up at in May.

Text and selection by
Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx


Night Shift: from dusk till dawn
4 May – DE Studio, Antwerp

First off, I’ll be checking out Night Shift at DE Studio on Saturday the 4th of May. It’s an event where numerous artists, among them Stef Van Looveren and Benjamin Abel Meirhaege, are given carte blanche, resulting in an afternoon, evening and night packed with performances, art installations and music.


Get Together!
9 May – Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Get together! is an event organised by the students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. An informal meeting, a time to hang out, have some drinks, laughs and also dance a bit, especially since I’ll be providing some of the music that evening. Pass by, let’s get together!


Antwerp Art Weekend 2019
16 & 19 May – DE Studio, Antwerp

The Antwerp Art Weekend is an intense 4-day manifestation and celebration of contemporary art in Antwerp. There are over 80 exhibitions and art events going on that weekend, making it the best moment to visit Antwerp if you’re into art. On top of that, Antwerp Art, DE Studio and Subbacultcha Belgium teamed up for the Nacht van de Beeldende Kunst, bringing you performances by Josefin Arnell and Amber Vanluffelen and an amazing program of musical artists, such as Mechatok, Shygirl and 9M-MRJ. I’m also part of multiple exhibitions and I’ll be presenting a new exhibition project inside a trench coat, called Flasher!. Catch me walking around and I’ll show you. Sincerely hope to see you there.


Nacht Van De Beeldende Kunst
Mechatok, Shygirl, Romi Luna, Josefin Arnell,
Amber Vanluffelen, Yunobi and 9M-MRJ

18 May – DE Studio, Antwerp
Free for members. Join us here.