r beny – echo’s verse

With his previous album Saudade being selected as one of the best ambient albums of 2018 by FACT magazine, expectations were high for some new r beny music. With Echo’s Verse, he continues along the same melancholic lines of his previous work. Based on a quote of Mark Z. Danielewski, r beny uses the concept of Echo to explore the presence of presence: ‘If you play a simple piece of music through a delay, the original sound echoes around itself and creates a beautiful new sound. Without the echo, the sound is just by itself. A lonely sound.’ In this vein, the term ‘echo’s verse’ can be seen as an attempt to represent specific emotions by investigating how the complementarity between an echo and its initial sound creates new elements of hope and joy. Echo’s Verse will be out on May 15th on heavyweight clear vinyl and comes with original hand-printed artwork by Femke Strijbol. Can’t wait until then? Subbacultcha got your back. Stream the lead single from the album exclusively here.
In addition to the regular version, there will also be a special edition (30 copies) including a unique one-minute tape loop alongside the record. Pre-orders start today – be quick!

r beny plays at the Dauw Label Night
at Ancienne Belgique on 10th of June.