Recent Finds

Recent finds by
Loïs Rijgersberg

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. On the menu this time around: recent finds, the Dutch edition. Loïs Rijgersberg updates you on the delicious new talent emerging on the north side of the border. Keep an eye out for these yummy snacks!

Collected and written by Loïs Rijgersberg


Bokoedro & Tobi Checker

This recommendation is about a pigeon. An angelic voice spoke to us. Damn. It was Bokoedro, aka Polodro, aka flyest pigeon of the future. This Noord-side representative has come from the future (2k35) to tell us something in the form of ‘future jazz’, fulfilling the beautifully composed beats of Tobi Checker in an era where producers should be getting more credit for their work. So let’s start with this trappin’ Chopin. His sounds are diverse, calming yet exciting. We can’t wait to hear what he’s been working on in Berlin with Elijah Waters, after he blessed us with his work on the ‘I cried when my dog died’ demos. So ignore the sign that says you’re not allowed to feed the pigeons; let these souljahs earn some bread.



Iheomy Zezuri

Iheomy Zezuri is a diamond from Rotterdam, who still needs to be discovered by the masses. This underdog designer, stylist, singer, songwriter and visual artist really is everything and has it all. She recently presented her voice to the world on her first song, ‘6th sense’, with Franklean, a beautiful song that brings that summer love feeling. Her lyrics combine Dutch and English which proves that she can master the art of everything, adding sauce, fierceness and purity to every word and beat she touches, opening up our sixth sense and bringing us overdue good times. The future is bright with her in the spotlight, and we’re here for it.