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Lisa Alemán Arévalo

21, Pisces
Subbacultcha member since:
February 2017


Tell us, what do you do in life?
I spend my time studying Art & Culture Mediation; expanding my playlists on Spotify; photographing everything around me; sitting on the train from Ghent to Antwerp and Antwerp to Ghent; changing hobbies on a daily basis; loving my friends; taking care of my plants and myself; and a lot of dog sitting. Livin’ la vida loca.

Photos by Miles Fischler, shot in Antwerp

What do you like best about your place?
That it’s on the highest floor with a lot of windows. I enjoy watching the sky and being apart from everything that happens on the surface.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
A bit of everything but indie is my absolute favourite genre. At the moment I’m more into music with a bit of a spacey touch. Inner Wave and Sports Coach are my recommendations. And Klaus Johann Grobe, a Swiss duo that sing in German and have some funky tunes.

What’s the first record you bought?
I remember begging my parents on vacation in Spain for the Summer Jam compilation album with songs like ‘Bailando’ by Paradisio.

What’s your favourite pastime?
Lying in bed with my boyfriend drinking some strong Belgian beers. Or heading somewhere in the evening sun just knowing it will be fun.

Any guilty pleasures?
I watch a lot of ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – videos. Especially the ones where they brush ‘my’ hair or do ‘my’ make-up. It makes me feel like a princess.

I watch a lot of ASMR. It makes me feel like a princess

Tell us your worst/best joke.
Joke Schauvliege.

Have you experienced any regrets recently?
No, life is treating me well lately.

Which future Subbacultcha show are you looking forward to?
The Dandelion at In De Ruimte on 21 April.


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