Recent Finds

Recent finds by Isaline Raes and Noor Al-Bender

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. On the menu this time: an art exhibition at Rodolphe Janssen to pay a visit, and a new DJ to freshen up your playlists. Collected by Isaline Raes & Noor Al-Bender, showing you new art and a new artist to keep an eye on.

Selection by Isaline Raes & Noor Al-Bender


Louisa Gagliardi
Side Effects of Satisfaction

For her second exhibition at Rodolphe Janssen, the young Swiss artist Louisa Gagliardi presents compositions that are made up of household utensils and genderless figures which are depicted resting, lying, sleeping or kneeling. Either their backs are turned, or they look at the viewer with a determined stare. They represent the idea of a different story that lives and works on the surface of the domestic imagination, and reflect on the constant desire to linger in another, possibly better place. The way Gagliardi plays with transparent, reflective and shiny surfaces, determines how we view the object and expresses human nature.

Rodolphe Janssen
Until 4 May
Free entrance



Once you’ve heard this young DJ from Brussels, you’ll never forget his style. Every track starts off with a signature soundbite, and the overall vibe of his work is something that hasn’t been heard before. Hip hop songs that have been transformed into a more mellow version with low-pitched vocals, slower beats, deeper bass and a more lo-fi feel is something you need in your playlists. You know it’s good when Joji listed him as one of his favourite artists. Flaunting his eccentric style on Instagram adds even more of a presence to his already unique music, and makes him that much more unforgettable. With over 74 tracks on Soundcloud, DJ YUNG VAMP isn’t sitting still and is elevating his style with every new upload.