Recent Finds

Recent finds
by Hannes Rooms

Things we want you to know about and people we want give a little extra support. Collected and curated by the one and only Hannes Rooms, also know as Icy Fake, giving you the freshest new artists to keep an eye on.

Text and selection by Hannes Rooms


SALON #01 w/ Manara

SALON promises to turn the cosy, homely feelings of Ghent’s latest hang-out spot, amigo amigo, into a proper club night. To do so, they invite Manara to Belgium once more to showcase her versatile mixing skills. She became one of London’s favourites by grinding hard, both at her NTS radio shows and during swirling live DJ sets. She has the nickname ‘queen of the blends’ because of her effortless shuffles between hiphop, hard drum, grime, UK funky and Bollywood. Some of us might remember her last-minute performance at last year’s KAVIR. Salon #01 takes place on Saturday, 16 March, but the ‘#1’ gives away they’re in it for the long run. Attend the Facebook event for free entrance.




Spacey raps drenched in autotune pouring straight from some trap house in Aalst, only to be interrupted by gunshot salvos. Not sure if that sounds realistic to you, but it accurately describes BABYDEMON2006’s work. The careless deliverance, emo lyrics and lo-fi productions are of course reminiscent of Bladee, Yung Lean or Uli K, but this demon definitely has some torments of his own. Formerly known as Babysavage, he’s part of the NO PRE$CRIPTION PO$$E together with Ravenwolf and Hydro, and furthermore affiliated with other cloud rappers Flansie and MADCHA. His tracks are popping up and disappearing on Soundcloud faster than you can blink, so keep your eyes peeled for another hazy but hard-hitting release.